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Below please find white papers and other materials developed by IPSO Working Group member companies that offer valuable information in support of our mission.

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IPSO Working Group White Papers

OMA LWM2M Editor

The OMA has created a LwM2M Editor tool that allows developers to create new Objects/Resources, including to create and register IPSO Smart Objects, using OMA’s registration system called OMNA. Links follow to the tool and related guidelines.


smartobject is a Smart Object Class that helps you with creating IPSO Smart Objects in your JavaScript applications. If you like to use the IPSO data model in your projects or products, you can use smartobject as the base class to abstract your hardware, sensor modules or gadgets into plugins (node.js packages) for users’ convenience. In addition, this module is isomorphic, and you can use it at server-side as well to generate the smart objects.

LightWeight MQTT Machine Network

Build your machine network with MQTT, IPSO, LWM2M and Node.js; full-stack IoT development from machine to webapp with JavaScript and Node.js. LWMQN benefits from the IPSO data model, which leads to a very comprehensive way for the client machine to organize resources and for the server to use a path with URI style to allocate and query resources on remote devices. Many code templates for common devices, e.g., temperature sensor, humidity sensor, light control, are also provided.

BIPSO Library

BIPSO Library for using IPSO Smart Objects on BLE devices. BIPSO defines a set of BLE characteristics that follows the IPSO Smart Object Guideline for developers to build their applications with a unified data model.

Industry Standard Bodies and Initiatives

View the IPSO presentation on Industry Standard Bodies and Initiatives

IOT Semantic Interoperability Workshop

IPSO Smart Objects Position Paper for the IoT Semantic Interoperability Workshop 2016